“When I was 8 years old, I watched ‘From Russia With Love’ and decided there and then that I’d direct a James Bond film one day.”

February 18, 2011

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DarkMedia Interviews Chris Stone:

Chris Stone, the creative force behind Blood and Bone China, began exploring his passion for filmmaking at a very young age, and has since developed his skill working for the BBC, and filming music videos and award-winning documentaries.

He has also had his films screened on MTV, ITV, the BBC and premiered at the BFI Southbank and Pinewood Studios.

Chris’ new project, Blood and Bone China, is a twelve part web drama series beginning March 2011, starring TV’s Rachel Shenton as Anna Fitzgerald.

Will you tell us a little about Blood and Bone China? It’s a very interesting title. Can you share how it ties into the series?

‘Blood and Bone China’ is a 12 part Victorian vampire web series that starts in March. The story follows country vet Newlyn Howell (Anthony Miles) as he travels to the city to discover the mystery surrounding his brother’s disappearance. Being a man of science, what he discovers is beyond his belief.  The title ‘Blood and Bone China’ relates to the story being set in Stoke-On-Trent. In the late Victorian times, Stoke was the epicentre of the world’s pottery industry.
Very recently, we’ve seen the vampire evolve from monster to hero, and occasionally back again. How would you describe your vampires? Monster? Hero? Is it ever really that simple?
It’s never that simple, nothing’s ever black and white!

Your series is set in 
1897, which is a very interesting time. It’s the year George Chapman, one of the many suspected of being Jack the Ripper, began to kill his mistresses. Is this a coincidence, or did you choose the date for a specific reason? Does the mystery of Jack the Ripper have a place in your story?

No, thats just a coincidence! Jack the Ripper was London based. All of our mythology and legends come from Stoke and the surrounding area. The reason ‘Blood and Bone China’ is set in 1897 is because that was the year Dracula was first published.

What, or who, is your greatest inspiration as a filmmaker? What about the work do you enjoy?

I love Ridley Scott’s work as he creates entire worlds in his movies.  ‘Bladerunner’ and ‘Gladiator’ are two of my favourite films. I made a short film in 2006 called ‘Anno Domini’, in which I was lucky enough to use a lot of the props, weapons and costumes from ‘Gladiator’.

When and why did you decide to get into the entertainment business?

When I was 8 years old, I watched ‘From Russia With Love’ and decided there and then that I’d direct a James Bond film one day.

Over the past several years, the popularity of vampires in mainstream entertainment has skyrocketed. Is there really room for everyone, or do you think there’s a risk of oversaturation? Can it be avoided?

Yes, there is room for everyone. Everyone has their own version of the vampire myth and different versions appeal to very different audiences.

What would you say sets Blood and Bone China apart from other series revolving around vampires?

Our vampires don’t sparkle in sunlight!  Seriously, what makes our series different is that we’ve gone back to the vampire’s roots. It’s classic Victorian gothic horror, which started in the mainstream with Dracula.  Also, part of the story is based on real events… but you’ll have to wait and see that one. All I’ll say for now is that I met with the police officer involved, had a good look through all of the case files and filmed in the location where the event occured.

How would you describe the mythology of your vampires as compared to those within other series, like True Blood? How did you decide which pieces of the general mythology to include or exclude?

We’re pretty close to classic vampire mythology; death by sunlight, wooden stakes, silver, crosses and holy water. It’s what fitted the story best.

What would you like the viewer to take from Blood and Bone China? Is it pure fun and entertainment, or is there an underlying message you’re hoping the viewer will respond to?

All of the above, you can have fun and have a meaningful plotline at the same time.

What advice would you give to an aspiring screenwriter or producer? What’s the first step in bringing your vision to life?

Just do it. Don’t wait around and make excuses and don’t let anyone stop you. If you want to do it enough you’ll make it happen, you can make a movie on a home video camera and fresh air. If this works, then I’ve already started planning ‘Blood and Bone China’ series 2!!!  If the first series is ‘Star Wars’, then series 2 will be ‘Empire Strikes Back’. The characters are all set up for a much darker, grander story. ____________________________________________________________

Blood and Bone China (Chris Stone), whose Featured Membership has been brought to you by Demon, can be found on DarkMediaCity.

He can also be found on Chris Stone Films. For more information on Blood and Bone China, please click here.

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