“The best advice I have received to date is: “So you want to write a musical? Stop! Don’t do it! Run the other way!”

February 22, 2011

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DarkMedia Interviews Crystal Collier:

As a composer and writer for over seventeen years, Crystal has written, composed, conducted, directed and acted in several productions. Her creative credits include: Witches Brew, Shurlock Domes, The Girn, Search for the Holy Cheese, and varying Christmas programs. She performs as a vocalist, studio singer, and soloist regularly. She currently composes for and directs a choir.

What can you tell us about Immortal the Musical? How did it progress from just an idea to what it’s become?

I never planned to write a musical. I’m not insane. It started with a literal dream:

What stage is the project in now, and what comes next?

Immortal has been revamped (pun intended) several times, and gone through a number of readings. The next step is staging. (Anyone have a spare 50K or billionaire friend sitting around?) We’re working on the fundraising end.

Will you tell us a little about your process? How is writing a musical for the stage different from writing songs that stand alone?

Typically one industry professional with turn to another and says, “This story really sings. Let’s make a musical.” The librettist (script writer) works out a first draft while the composer constructs several melodies. Next a lyricist and arranger are brought on board. The show has a few readings (and is edited), is staged (and edited), tested off Broadway (and edited), and if that goes well some producer drums up 10 to 20 million to put it on Broadway.

We’re not “industry professionals”. The question is, can a hand full of “nobodies” get a musical on Broadway?

Who or what is your biggest musical inspiration? Why?

David Arkenstone & Phantom of the Opera. (Odd combination, I know.) As a composer there are few CD’s I can listen to regularly and all the way through. Arkenstone has two. Andrew Lloyd Webber stole all his melodies for Phantom from classical operas, so I guess my other inspiration comes from decades of awesome composers we no longer credit.

Over the past several years, the idea of a romance between a vampire and a human being has become very popular. What do you think it is about this dynamic that brings people back to it again and again? Thematically, what significance does it have in Immortal the Musical?

I should mention we started with the musical in 2003. We used to have thunder. *sigh* The primary theme of our show is eternal love while incorporating themes of hope and things are not always what they seem. Who doesn’t yearn for a love that lasts “Forever”?

In the description of Immortal the Musical, it says “If he’s capable of love, is he capable of redemption?” How important a role do you think love plays in redemption, in general?

There is no motivation to change without a driving force, and what more powerful force can you fathom than love?

Will you describe the mythology of your vampires? How does it compare to the general set of “rules” in other stories?

Our lore is loosely based on Bram Stokers. In order for a vampire to “become”, he/she must ingest the blood of another vampire. It’s an infection resulting in sensitivity to sunlight and the need for blood. No animal morphing here. Garlic is just a spice. No coffins. Mirrors do show a reflection. Crosses are ineffective.

How can our members support Immortal the Musical? Where can they go to listen to the music and, ultimately, see the stage production?

Music can be heard on the site, and shortly for a “like” (on facebook) and a “share” it will be available for download. Very soon a new CD will also be available for purchase.

The best way to help the show is to TELL EVERYONE! We are very happy to fill blog features, radio spots etc. In the coming months we will launch the 365 Days to Broadway initiative, including several exciting events, giveaways and contests. Hit the show’s blog for regular updates.

What’s the best (or the worst) advice you’ve received as an artist? Have people been generally supportive, or has it been a struggle?

People are terribly supportive. The problem is, they don’t know how to help us. (See previous answer^^^)

The best advice I have received to date is: “So you want to write a musical? STOP! DON’T DO IT! RUN THE OTHER WAY!”

What would you say to someone wanting to get involved in musical theatre? Also, what would you say to an aspiring songwriter who has an idea for a musical? Where do they begin?


…but if you must, save your dollars and don’t quit your day job. It will mean a HUGE sacrifice. Here’s a great site overflowing with information:

Finally, what’s got you excited or inspired?

Life. Life is so good. It’s a challenge and a never ending basket of trouble, but the opportunities to spread our wings… Does it get any better?


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