By Richard Jay Parker

I’ve never met an author who has had writer’s block. I’d certainly be interested to hear from anyone who has suffered the condition.
Like all writers I’ve had bad days at the keyboard and even unproductive weeks. It’s inevitable that the muse is going to call in sick from time to time. Good stories usually spring from not one but a succession of inspired thoughts and this chain is frequently broken not least by our everyday lives impeding our ability to focus wholly on our imagined worlds.

There are always so many prosaic chores to stifle the thought process – although a lot of writers do most of their best thinking while they’re servicing their domestic commitments than when they’re seated at their computer.

Writer’s block has featured in a lot of fiction but I wonder if there is really a condition that can be blamed entirely for a writer’s inability to perform that’s not the result of other external influences or events.

I’m hoping there isn’t. I’m always prepared to be proved wrong but not happily in this case. I’d hate to think it could be waiting for any of us in the future.

I suppose the key is to keep the brain firing and continue to scribble in the notebook.

You can’t live every day like it’s your last without seriously damaging your health. I wonder whether we should apply this to our imaginations though…

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