Alice in Zombieland: a review

June 10, 2011

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Alice in Zombieland

Written by Zombie Theology

Alice in Zombieland
By Lewis Carroll and Nickolas Cook

 The book also includes illustrations by Sir John Tenniel and Brent Cardillo.

Synopsis: Alice and her sister are playing in a graveyard when Alice follows a Black Rat. She falls into a grave and lands in a wonderful world of the undead. Most of your favorite characters from Carroll’s classic are found in this zombie remake, with a little undead makeover added for effect.

My Opinion: It is difficult to describe this work as a zombie novel. It begins, of course, with Carroll’s classic “Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland” or “Through the Looking Glass.” Cook then added the undead elements. However, very little of the original story has changed. (There is one exception. The books ends with the freed zombies of Zombieland attacking the royal court.

If you enjoyed Carroll’s writing style, his puns, his semantics, and his logic jokes, then you will enjoy this book. However, the undead features addAlice in Zombieland very little to the story itself. It is interesting to listen to Alice’s thoughts as she wonders what each character would taste like, but otherwise, being a zombie is much like being English.

If, on the other hand, Carroll’s book and stories drive you crazy, or if you are more interested in zombie mayhem and madness, then you will probably not enjoy this book. You will wonder why you are reading a story about an undead Hatter, and undead Cheshire Cat, and an undead Dormouse.

So, in reality, this book probably deserves either 5 brains (if you like Carroll’s writing) or 1 brain (if you’re looking for a zombie apocalypse). However, I’ve decided to split the difference and give it 3 brains (and thereby alienate everyone).

3 out of 5 Brains: worth tracking down

we at pray for your sanity and survival in these dark days

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