Apostate: How many bullets are in your gun? (a novel excerpt)

June 10, 2011

Arts & Literature


Written by Zombie Theology

I drew back and hit the man as hard as I could in the side of his head with both fists. At this point, I did not care that he had recently been in an accident, and I did not care that he might be injured or confused or dazed. I only cared that he was biting my wife’s arm. The blow opened a gash under the man’s eye and caused him to loosen his grip on Janice. At that point, she was able to jerk her arm out of his mouth, tearing some of the skin as she pulled it out. I immediately wrapped one arm around her, and half dragged, half carried her across the road and up the driveway toward the farmhouse and away from the maniac driver as quickly as possible.

I assumed that he was following us, but I did not look back or stop until I reached the front porch. I finally turned around when I heard a car approach then slow as it reached our driveway. I could see that the driver of the wrecked sedan had walked about halfway up the driveway behind us, as a sheriff’s car pulled in behind him. The deputy opened the door, stepped out of the car, and adjusted his hat and sunglasses.

Apostate“Who was driving that car?” the deputy asked pointing back to the accident scene across the road…

(You can read the rest of this novel excerpt here.)

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