Eternal: A Review

July 22, 2011

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ETERNAL (2004)
Directed by Wilhelm Liebenberg & Frederico Sanchez
Conrad Pla
Caroline Néron
Victoria Sanchez

by Sher Boudreau:

Filmed in Montreal, Quebec, Canada, Eternal is a dark sexy film loosely based on the life of The Countess Erszebet Bathory[1].

Elizabeth Kane (played by Caroline Nèron) is an exotic lesbian who has a passion for blood and beautiful women. Her handmaiden Irina (played by the very sexy Victoria Sanchez) lures women to her Mistress’s decadent mansion.

After several women go missing, Elizabeth is drawn into the life of Detective Raymond Pope (played by Conrad Pla) when his wife goes missing and Elizabeth becomes a suspect. The story unfurls to show the obsessive nature of both Kane and the detective.

While the script is weak, and made only $28,000 (opening was 1 screen). The movie is entertaining in its picturesque views of Montreal, the opulence of Elizabeth Kane’s mansion and the darkness that comes from obsession and sexual lust.

A running time of only 107 minutes means that you won’t have to pull your hair out waiting for the lights to come back up.

It is rated R for nudity, sexual content and violence.

[1] Countess Erszebet Bathory 1560-1614 Hungarian Countess who was condemned for murdering over 650 aristocratic and peasant women. She felt that the blood of the virginal girls was keeping her looking young looking. She bathed, drank and tortured women for amusement and vanity.

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