Ghost, What Are You?

by Dr. Kimberly Rackley:

If you ask ten different people what a ghost is, chances are you will be told ten different definitions or opinions. I believe that you can not correctly define a ghost or any essence until its matter or cause has been named and proven through the scientific process. What we have for definitions of the term Ghost are merely perceptions based on the experience and awareness of others.

The Gray Lady

Ghost has been defined as, “the soul of a dead person that inhabits the earth plane after death”. While this may be somewhat correct, I have a few variations based on my perceptions and interactions. We have three bodies superimposed upon our physical bodies, each with a different frequency: The emotional body, the mental body and the etheric body. Each body serves a purpose in the journey of the soul through the physical plane of matter. Each has its own form of memory that lives as energy in and of itself. When a person dies any one of these bodies may not be whole enough or at peace enough to journey into the light, and they stay behind. As all is energy, this concept is not so far-fetched. Any of these bodies can attach itself to a reason to stay behind as either a lost soul or what I call a ‘wayward’. Or its frequency may be so strong that it becomes an imprint on the location or atmosphere of where it lived and died.

Added to this, our soul as consciousness may be in a confused or tormented state at the time of death, and you can see that actually defining Ghost becomes hard to pin down. There are too many variables and endless possibilities from which our Universe is created.

For the purpose of Ghost Hunting and Paranormal Investigations giving a name to the experience of the manifestation of these frequencies and possibilities is necessary. So to define Ghost for this purpose I’d like to say it is energy lost upon itself, seeking manifestation and expression.

copyright @ 2011 Dr. Kimberly Rackley

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2 Comments on “Ghost, What Are You?”

  1. Dan Hooven - Resident Undead Says:

    Love the article, I am a firm believer that the definition of ghost is something nobody really knows, but what I do think is a form of energy that exists.


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