My Opinion, Hard and Cold

July 24, 2011


by Drew Keaton:

This is a rant! Be forewarned…

I’m an avid reader and I adore the classics. As an English major, I’ve everything from Spencer to Byron. Kafka, Blake, Shelley, and Burrows sit on my shelf. I’ve recently dipped my toe into the world of indie publishing. I’ve always supported the DIY musicians… this is no different. WRONG! I’m on my third indie and it’s SHIT! Grammar errors, cliche plots, characters as flat as cardboard, themes as shallow as a mud puddle if at all…

I paid for this? If I can’t talk about a book for at least two to four hours (preferably days) after a read, it’s not worth my time. Snobby? Yes… but literature is a passion that runs deep in my soul. If you want to call yourself a writer… you better be prepared to stand toe to toe with writers!

As a goth boy, I love my vampires. Yes… I put you next to Stoker, Polidori, and Rice. Is that fair? Hell yes! You ask me to buy your book now give me what I came for here! Give me a novel like Verland: The Transformation for example. Better than Rice by far and that Twilight stuff better not even come near it! Stoker would be proud. Don’t give me some cliche torture shit about a ‘troubled vampire’ and his captive or some other nonsense that reads like a how-to in a cheap MFA program.

Ok… I’ve gone off. But an indie author ripped me a new asshole when I told her I didn’t like her book. Write a good one and I will let you know…

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7 Comments on “My Opinion, Hard and Cold”

  1. aspublications Says:

    Well put… something to consider…


  2. BJ Says:

    “If you want to call yourself a writer… you better be prepared to stand toe to toe with writers!”

    Very well said! It may sound harsh, but just because you can write a story doesn’t mean it’s worth the time required for others to read it. (I say this as one with a handful of finished stories on her computer that will never – EVER – be put before the poor, unsuspecting public.)

    What makes me sad is that there is a lot of quality work being self-published that gets tainted unfairly by the less-than-stellar stories floating around.


  3. Tyr Kieran Says:

    The truth hurts, right? Well said, Drew!
    Everyone (writers, artists, carpenters, bus drivers, etc.) has to remember that we are all lifetime students. There is always more to learn and you simply cannot take criticism as anything but helpful advice, no matter how harsh it may seem. Try to take all emotion out of the equation and learn what you can. That’s the only way to improve! One day I hope to make Stoker proud as well!



  4. B.E. Scully Says:

    This is one of the drawbacks to the continuing boom in self-publishing–for every self-published writer with an excellent novel that for one reason or another was not a good fit with traditional publishing, there are those who rush to self-publish without ensuring proper editing, story development, etc. Readers should neither know nor care whether a book is self-published or not–and if the self-publishing industry is to thrive, or even survive, writers must not regard it as an excuse for a sloppy product.


  5. Steven Says:

    This post is full of win.

    I despise self-published authors who don’t take the time to prepare a decent product.

    I despise authors who can’t handle criticism, who aren’t open to suggestions as to how to make their work better, and who basically think their shit doesn’t stink.

    I despise anyone who makes this field harder for those of us who actually give a crap and are trying to make something of ourselves.

    As you can see, I like to “despise”.

    Seriously, excellent post.


  6. kathleen Says:

    Love the venom keep it coming – Have a Take Don’t Suck Brigade


  7. Ryan Says:

    tell em, Drew! i am a great supporter of the Indie movement, but there should exist quality and depth and cleanliness, otherwise it’s just another kindegarten drawing, doomed for the refrigerator.


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