Divination: Communicating With Spirits With A Divining Crystal

August 3, 2011

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by Lily Luchesi:

Before I truly begin this blog, let me inform you all that this is a true story of an actual experience I, and two others, had this past spring, using a divining crystal to communicate with the dearly departed.

Annie (my editor) and I were staying with a friend whom I will leave unnamed, and who was a Wiccan, and believed in the culture of the supernatural, just as we do. One day in mid-April he decided to try to communicate with the ghost we believed was haunting his apartment.

He draped black curtains over the windows to keep out the late-afternoon sunlight, made a makeshift altar with velvet sheets and red and white candles (never use a black candle when divining or holding a seance; it’s a bad idea), a crucifix (an unnecessary adornment), performed a purification spell lest the spirit with which we were trying to communicate was evil, and we all shared absinthe while The Cure set the mood for the dowsing experience (“dowsing” is another way to say “divining”/”divination”). Setting the right, calm atmosphere is a must when trying to communicate with the dead. Negative energy will prevent them from manifesting whatsoever, unless they’re evil.

He showed us the lavender crystal he’d bought at his favorite metaphysical shoppe in Hollywood, California, which hung on a thin, genuine silver chain. (Malachite is the best kind of crystal to use, but any will do.)

Divining/dowsing is when a human (witches, psychics & energy vampires are also entities who can divine with spirits) holds the chain on which the crystal hangs suspended over a flat surface (preferably an altar with at least ONE lit candle and no electric lights on in the room) and asks the spirits questions. The ghost(s) will use its spiritual energy to tap into the electromagnetic fields, which surround the crystal, thus allowing the crystal to swing in a particular direction to answer the humans’ questions. For us, it swung back and forth for “no” and in circles for “yes”. That’s the most frequent way the ghosts respond, though it could be different for each person. One must be precise when one tells the spirits how they would like the dead to answer them. Also, the faster the crystal swings, the more positive the answer.

Skeptics & scientists (people who think supernatural beings belong to Bram Stoker & the like) say that divining is just a hoax of the subconscious mind and body. They say that the subconscious mind sends equally unaware commands to the appendage holding the chain the crystal hangs on, causing it to move in the desired response to the individual’s question(s). Not true.

When our friend was using the crystal to speak with the entity in the apartment, it had been my first time dowsing, so I was unsure of whether he was just pulling our leg or not. Even though I could SEE the spirit right next to me, I couldn’t be sure if it was actually speaking through the crystal’s movements or not. So I asked him if I could use the crystal.

I took it from him, steadied it in my right hand and began to ask the spirit questions. I found out, through my inquisition, that there were TWO spirits in the room. So, yes, I subsequently found out that the ghost WAS communicating with us through the crystal.

This is what his inquiry-by-divination uncovered: the ghost was haunting his apartment unit and had been since the building had been a hotel in the 1920’s. He claimed to be a man of near middle-age who had died a violent death but NOT murder or suicide, which left a virulent disease or drugs, but he wouldn’t tell us what. The man said he WAS the one who had been breaking the closet light & fixing it at will, and also was the one scaring our friend’s cat in the middle of the night.

When I took the crystal I asked the man if there was another spirit in the room, because I definitely knew that the entity sitting next to me was a female and obviously not speaking through the crystal. The man said it was my grandmother, then gone nearly twelve years. But either she refused to speak through the crystal, or else (and I think this is closer to th truth) HE wouldn’t let her come through.

The man assured our friend, after he’d taken the crystal back from me, that he meant us no harm by staying in the apartment, and, no, he wasn’t going to “cross over”. He then, quite abruptly, quit answering our questions.
This experience SOUNDS fun, and it was, but when one deliberately opens themselves to the spirit world, whether by holding seances, using a Ouija board (I despise those things) or a crystal, you don’t know WHAT kind of spirit you are inviting inside. An evil spirit could come through the lessened barrier just as easily as a benevolent one.  A purification spell of the Wiccan persuasion is a must, or, if you are European, the Italian Witchcraft book is also quite useful.

I prefer using typical methods such as the crystal, etc., to communicate with the spirits as opposed to EVP recorders and the like. It gives me a very natural feeling, as I am dealing with a natural entity.  If you are a prospective medium, channeler or ghost-hunter, I suggest you try this method for a truly unique, intense experience.

Happy hunting!

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