“Music is the medium in which we communicate… May we all find our Dark and Light energies, and learn to balance them — in ourselves and each other.” -Gods Paparazzi

August 13, 2011

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DarkMedia Interviews Gods Paparrazi aka Lucian Walker:

If you haven’t already heard the name “Gods Paparazzi”, you will.  Lucian Walker, the man behind the flashing lights, is not only a gifted musician in his own right, but a producer on the cutting edge of today’s music.  Having worked with musical artists such as Black Veil Brides, Vampires Everywhere!, Jeffree Star, and Blood On The Dance Floor, to name a few, Lucian’s mark on the music industry is strong, and only getting stronger.

In an industry that’s flooded with those who have the drive but not the talent, or the talent without the drive, Lucian is what everyone hopes to find: the perfect mixture of both.

DarkMedia sat down to talk with Lucian about his background as a Christian, the incredible way in which he literally sees his music, and the significance of the number 333.

For those who love music with depth, and artists who make you think — not only about their philosophies, but your own, Lucian Walker is a man you need to know.

Your name is Luke, but you go by both Lucian Walker and Gods Paparazzi. Can you explain how, and why, you chose the two names? Which do you prefer?

My birth name is Luke, but growing up (and even now) people call me a myriad of names.

Luke Lucas Lucian Lucien Lucifer LuLu Luci…it really is a phenomenon.

But I’ve loved the name Lucian forever, so I chose that — I’m actually in the process of changing it legally.  I got the name “Gods Paparazzi” because the first night I was in Los Angeles, I went to a party, was on the back patio, and saw heat lighting in the sky.  I made a little funny and said, “Hmm, we are in the land of celebrities… that must be Gods Paparazzi.”

After all, God is the biggest celebrity I know.

Hailing from Jacksonville, Florida, what was the transition like moving across the country to Los Angeles? What do you miss the most about it?

I don’t miss Jacksonville at all; I grew up there.  But it did shape me into who I am, and having been immersed in a religious culture helped me develop my fascination with the Dark Side.  But I love Los Angeles so much — I will never leave here.

The first instrument you played was piano. How did that come to be your first instrument, and how long have you played? Musically, would you ever call the piano your “first love”?

I gravitated to the piano when I was four.  To me, it’s the instrument I feel most connected to.  It really is beautiful.  I was classically trained, and I’m glad my mom and dad were always supportive of my creative endeavors.

At a young age you began to experiment with drum machines and keyboards. Which musical acts were your greatest influences at the time?

The radio in J-Ville was awesome at that time, not like it is now.  There were many different programs and DJ’s playing all kinds of shit.  There was no internet!  Haha.  I would also go to record stores and buy anything and everything I could — all styles.  So I would say that everything in the 80’s and 90’s influenced me — from indie to underground to radio to major to club.

Can you tell us a little about the first song you ever wrote? What was it about?

It was actually a Christian song.  I grew up in the church, and I first started writing songs about Jesus.  Haha.  It’s funny to look back on that, because it helped me get to where I am today… working for the Devil. 😉

I still have all those lyrics — I found them the other day in a bag on a bunch of notebook paper !

You’re multi-talented artist, writing lyrics and music, singing, playing several instruments, and (on top of all that) you also produce. Do you prefer to be in the limelight or behind the scenes? What’s your most favorite, and least favorite, thing about each?

I love every aspect of creating a musical tapestry.  I stay open-minded to everything that I hear.  I have now developed a sense in which I see all music as sound waves — when I hear it, I can see the waves too.  It’s kind of trippy.  I also have perfect pitch — I can hear something off by 5 cents to the note, which is something I have developed over the years of vocal producing and recording myself.

You’ve worked with Black Veil Brides, Vampires Everywhere!, Jeffree Star, and Blood On The Dance Floor, to name a few. Which artist, or artists, would you like to collaborate with in the future?

Well, I am currently producing a new project called DVST8R (devastator), and I’m working with a very ancient supernatural entity that I have always wanted to work with!  However, I can’t reveal the name!

How would you describe the music scene Los Angeles, as compared to other cities?

Los Angeles is a magical place where decapitated unicorns run free.

The symbol used for 333 Mixtape is a fascinating combination of the Sigil of Baphomet, an Ouroboros, the number 333, the initials GP, along with a very subtle inclusion of two small Scales of Justice.

With something so rich in history and symbolism, it would be impossible not to ask what influence men like Aleister Crowley, Carl Jung, or even Anton LaVey have had on you and your music. And, as for the symbol itself, can you explain what it means to you, and why it’s comprised the way it is?

Here is my philosophy: I believe in nothing except that I am dreaming.  This is a dream, and it is my dream; it’s the only dream I know and control.

333 is my number, to help me navigate my dream.  It follows me everywhere and I follow it everywhere.  It has been with me since I was born into this dream.  The symbolism with the 333 Mixtape is very deeply rooted into my upbringing, and to me it encompasses different energies that I work with.

The Dark, The Light, the balance of the two, and ultimately the balance of all 3.

This collection of songs that I did touches on these ideas.  The scales represent balance.  The baphomet represents darkness.  The snake intertwined is wisdom and light, since I was born in the year of the snake, and my name Luke –meaning bringer of light.

Can you tell us something about yourself your fans would be shocked to know?

I am a total science dork.  I read endlessly about quantum physics, psychology and the nature of black holes. 🙂

How has being raised a Christian influenced your art?

It gave me perspective on the psychology of GOD.

Who was the first artist to extend themselves to you in the Los Angeles music scene?

The first record I worked on was an Alkaline Trio record, “Agony and Irony”.

With a background so obviously rich in the knowledge of philosophy, spiritual symbolism and magic/magick, do you have any experiences with the paranormal you’d like to share?

Yes.  When I was in church, growing up, a preacher put his hand close to me — and it knocked me back.  That was my first experience with the force of “chi”.  Since then, I have learned a lot about it and can now bend it to my will.  It’s kind of like the scene in The Matrix with the little kid holding the spoon.  It’s not the spoon that bends, it’s yourself that bends.  In fact, there really isn’t even a spoon.

To run the risk of sounding like the Ghostface serial killer from the Scream franchise, what’s your favorite scary movie?

Event Horizon.  They are on a spaceship and they’re jumping though portals.  They land in hell.  And the crew that finds the ship after them, discovers that as well.  Pretty freaky moooooovy.

If you could only use three words to describe yourself, what would they be?

Past.  Present.  Future.

How can people find out more about you, and your music, on the web? Any last words for your fans reading this interview?

I have two records out for free.
My twitter is @GodsPaparazzi

Music is the medium in which we communicate.  When minds meet between fans and an artist, it is a mutual connection, much like something that is observed needs an observer.  May we all find our Dark and Light energies, and learn to balance them — in ourselves and each other.


Lucian Walker/Gods Paparrazi a Featured Member of DarkMediaCity.

Many thanks to our contributing music interviewers, Annie & Kelly.

(All interviews are the exclusive property of DarkMedia, and may not be reproduced or shared without permission, excepting links to the interview.)

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