They’re coming………… RUN!!!!!!!!!!!

September 14, 2011

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by Alex Mcdermott:

The Zombie Survival Crew

The government knows and won’t tell us. Scientists are plotting behind closed doors as we speak. The world sits around lost in our social media. We are unaware. But there are those out there were are preparing. They know. They will be ready. Will you? I sat down with Juliette Terzieff, head of the Zombie Survival Crew to ask the tough questions.

Alex Mcdermott: The Zombie Survival Crew is a unique combination between a traditional social networking site (discussion boards ect.) and a one-stop guide to zombies. Enlighten the masses here on the evolution of ZSC!

Juliette Terzieff: The Zombie Survival Crew is an interactive community for fans of the sci-fi, horror and zombie genres that aims to help members prepare for a cataclysmic event. We examine what is happening in the genres and dissect how art therein may help develop survival strategies. We do a lot of fun giveaways, contests and other activities with our command crew – which includes Norman Reedus, Sean Patrick Flanery, Ted Raimi, IronE Singleton and Anthony Michael Hall – and also work to help aid disaster response relief efforts when real-world events unfold.

It started with a small group of writers, actors and producers as a place to discuss survival through the lens of the above genres, and has become a place for all our members to have fun while preparing for the worst.

The beauty of the Zombie Survival Crew – which is free to join – is that each member can choose how much or little they participate, and what the crew means to them personally. For artists , it’s a place to commune with other creators. For those seriously interested in survival, it’s a place to discuss strategy and tactics. For fans of our celebrity Commanders, it’s a chance to interact and win prizes. When a disaster such as the March 2011 earthquake-tsunami unfolds we encourage our members to contribute to relief efforts in any way they believe appropriate.

All of our members are mapped out by city and region, according to their assigned brigade, so if another hurricane Katrina or manmade disaster unfolds, we know how many people are in the area and can reach out to help. We’re also finalizing a process to identify escape routes and resupply centers across North America and Europe.

AM: Why do zombies continue to capture our attention? What do they tap into that intrigues people so much?

JT: I personally believe that zombies represent some of our greatest fears – death, decay, loss of control, mob mentality. Events of the last decade in particular have heightened those fears and the art of the day, much as it did in the aftermath of World War II, reflects that.

We live in a world where challenging events appear to be accelerating in frequency. From hurricanes and earthquakes, and wars and terrorist attacks, to struggling economies and elevated unemployment rates, more and more people are looking to ensure they are prepared to survive. While the real-world events and fear that they cause are tragic, this reality also represents an opportunity for individuals to get more involved in protecting what they hold most dear.

By looking closely at the ways in which people within novels, television shows and movies respond to the collective shamble of a hungry zombie horde, we can all find characters that reflect how we think we would fight and survive. And those characters that are willing to fight on even when the odds are insurmountable give us all hope.

AM: Your opinion here—how is the zombie apocalypse going to start?

JT: My bet is on a Stephen King’s The Stand or Resident Evil-type of origin. We all know that public and private entities around the world experiment with biological weapons and it is likely only a matter of time before some “bug” gets out of a lab – intentionally or unintentionally. The consequences may, or may not, be able to contained and so everyone should be prepared to face the worst if official services are unable to cope.

AM: We’ve all seen the movies. We think we know. What Hollywood myths can you dispel?

JT: The zombies will be the biggest threat.

This is, in my opinion, a fallacy. The biggest threats will come from other human beings. Zombie behavior is predictable.

Once an outbreak goes mainstream panic is likely to ensue and consume the general population. Accidental and “friendly” deaths will be commonplace. Even after panic has subsided and long-term survival becomes the top priority, danger from other humans will continue to exist. Many of those who survive the early days will be those with street smarts and weapons, and not all of them will be “nice” people. When food and other supplies begin to run low, even among a group of friends, conflict with other humans will erupt.

AM: What is your perspective on the recent CDC zombie scenario? A government leak? Conspiracy to throw us off and keep us in the dark? How much can we believe?

JT: It is a warning. The CDC and other government organs would like to see individuals adopt a more defensive stance to guard against the many threats that already plague the world community. That this may also constitute an admission by governments that they’re not always best positioned to help respond is a separate discussion. In order to survive a cataclysmic global event, every country will need citizens who are prepared to survive the worst. That the preparations outlined by the CDC can also be applied to less Romeroesque events like a terrorist attack or tornado add to the utility of the warning.

AM: What’s the best advice you can give someone (on their own) for survival? The down and dirty guide for the first 24 hours!

JT: Everyone should have a “go bag” ever-ready for use in a variety of disaster scenarios. The bag should have basic survival supplies – some nonperishable food, a light source, a fire source, first aid – plus anything specific an individual may need, particularly prescription drugs. The contents of the bag should be updated every six months. Ideally, you should have one bag in your home and another in your vehicle, in case a disaster hits when you are not at home.

Other tips, such as get into a secure building and put your back against a wall, are dependent on the specific scenario unfolding and can change, but you should always have a “go bag” within reach to give yourself a solid start.

AM: The ZSC really stresses organization, particularly in the first hours. Let’s talk groups now. Your own team had an experience with panic. What advice can you give groups to quell the chaos and reduce the death toll among the uninfected?

JT: In cases where groups pre-prepare for disaster scenarios safeguards should be put in place to counter loss of communications, passable roadways and other predictable challenges. The use of code words is highly recommended. The ability to overcome communication network breakdowns, such as pre-mapped escape routes, alternates and meet-up points is a way to counter chaos among group members.

AM: This last question is tough. What advice can you give someone if a friend or family member becomes infected? Emotions are going to cloud reason and judgment. How do we handle this?

JT: It is a standing order within the Zombie Survival Crew that were I to become infected, my fellow Commanders are to take me down humanely – preferably a shot in the head – unless there is a legitimate reason to allow the zombification process to proceed (such as the hope of finding a cure). I do not want to be a zombie. Most people feel the same.

However, not everyone is equipped to pull the trigger…and even those who are able may find it difficult to do so when it is an individual with whom they have an emotional connection. If someone you love is infected and you cannot, or they do not want you, to pull the trigger, turn and walk away. It is far from ideal to allow the zombie numbers to grow, but if you stay and are still unable to pull the trigger once they turn, this helps no one.


Are you prepared for the Zombie Apocalypse?  Find out more about The ZSC, and join a brigade, by visiting their website.  Their incredible anthology, Survival Is Not An Option, is one you don’t want to miss.  Please support the Crew, and the incredible work they’re doing, by purchasing your copy here.

Juliette, and several other members of The ZSC Command, can also be found on DarkMediaCity.

(All interviews are the exclusive property of DarkMedia, and may not be reproduced or shared without permission, excepting links to the interview.)

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