“Having grown up in England I was fascinated with Stonehenge. I wanted to incorporate the historic site into my books.” -V.M.K. Fewings

DarkMedia Interviews V.M.K. Fewings:

In the wildly popular, highly acclaimed, Stone Masters Vampire Series, author V.M.K. Fewings has done what many have set out to do, and few ever accomplish; she has breathed new life into a well-worn genre.  Her sweeping tale, weaving itself through time, will not only engage you, but challenge you as well with “psychological overtones as masterful as those in The Da Vinci Code”.

DarkMedia had the privilege of sitting down with V.M.K. Fewings to discuss her excellent work, literary influences, living abroad, and the best advice she has for aspiring writers. 

What got you into writing about the undead? Was there a specific event in your life or a book you read that made you want to write in this genre?

After reading Anne Rice’s Interview With The Vampire as a teenager, I continued to have a soft spot for vampires. Later, when I started writing, it really felt like the gothic genre chose me.

Everyone experiences loss in their life and writing about immortality seemed a natural progression for me, but that’s not to say my vampire series is all doom and gloom. There are moments of humor which I believe reflects my own philosophy of gratitude, and not taking myself too seriously.

Who are your greatest literary influences?

My influences are far and wide. I particular love the work of Joseph Heller , Anne Rice, Judith and Garfield Reeves Stevens and Isaac Asimov.

How old were you when you first put pen to paper and thought about writing a novel?

I was about nine-years-old when I wrote my first novel. In fact I still have it. It’s titled Dogs. I even designed the cover art myself. 😉

Can you tell us a little about the Stone Masters series? How did the idea for it begin?

Having grown up in England I was fascinated with Stonehenge. I wanted to incorporate the historic site into my books. That’s where timeless beings came into play, I suppose.

The Stone Masters Vampire Series focuses on the lives of vampires that inhabit London’s dark underworld. So far, there are three novels in the series. Book I: A Vampire’s Rise, Book II: A Vampire’s Reckoning, and Book III: A Vampire’s Dominion. Mortal Veil is the first short story in the series. I’m planning on many more books in the series.

Jadeon Artimas appeared first, in my imagination of course. 😉 He’s such a compelling character, I was excited to tell his story. With just the first few lines of A Vampire’s Reckoning the story blossomed and new characters arose, fitting perfectly into the Stone Masters’ world.

How was the transition in moving from the UK to the US? What would you say you miss most about living in the UK?

I’ve been lucky enough to have travelled extensively. I’ve lived in several other countries such as Germany, Cyprus and Hong Kong, so finding my way around and making new friends came naturally. Americans are very welcoming and I’m now proud to call the USA home.

I do miss my family and friends but they visit quite a bit, so that helps. I miss the British countryside and historical sites.

Where were you when you found out that you’d won the Dream Realm Awards, and what was your first thought upon hearing the news?

I was at home when I won the Dream Realm Awards. The judges are not given the names of the authors or book titles that are submitted, so the work is solely judged on writing and storytelling ability.

It was an honor being nominated alongside such other talented authors. (When I found out I’d won I might have jumped up and down quite a bit) 😉

You once asked your fans what they thought of book trailers. How do you feel about them?

I really enjoy book trailers. They can provide a real feel for what to expect from a novel . Great imagery can be as powerful as words.

Outside of the genre you write in, is there a type of book you like to read most, and if so, why?

I actually read a wide variety of literature. It’s important to me that I continue to evolve as a writer.

Given the trend towards ebooks at the moment, what are your views on them? What format do you prefer to read?

If the story is good enough, you’ll soon forget what you’re actually reading it on, albeit a book or an iPad. I do love the feel of holding a book.

I’m excited with how the industry is evolving and count myself incredibly lucky to be with ZOVA Books, a pioneering company that’s forward thinking in this brave new world of publishing!

What book are you reading at the moment?

The Historian by Elizabeth Kostova.

What advice would you give to authors looking for a publisher? What’s the best advice someone gave you?

1. Attend Writers Conferences.
2. Get your novel in the best shape possible before you send it out.
3. Read the publisher’s/agent’s submission guidelines and stick to them.
4. Don’t be put off by rejection letters especially as some of them come with fantastic ways to improve your novel. (These professionals can spot talent and though your book may not be right for them they may offer advice that could take your book to the next level.)
5. Keep writing and you’ll see your work evolve!
6. Every published author was where you’re standing now and they kept going. So should you!

Lastly, do you have any special plans for the release of your next book later this year? And how can your readers best support you and your work?

If readers have enjoyed the novels I’d love them to recommend the books to their friends. I’m always grateful for their support and love to hear what it is about the characters they love.

I’m thrilled to be a guest author at Undead Con this Halloween in New Orleans, where I’ll be discussing The Stone Masters Vampire Series. Also during the weekend I’ll be a guest at the Theatre of the Vampires Ball. I’m so looking forward to seeing my friend Suzie Q again, one of the organizers of the events, as well as meeting old and new fans of the series. 🙂


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