“I’ve always believed in the afterlife, but the proof that ghosts and spirits are among us had been shown to me over and over.” -Billy Tolley

One thing’s for certain: Billy Tolley and Tara Bohren are no strangers to the paranormal.  Both independently and through their involvement with the wildly popular Travel Channel shows, Ghost Adventures and Paranormal Challenge, they’ve gone places few would dare to tread.

And they’ve come back to tell the tale.

DarkMedia had the pleasure of talking with Tara, former General Manager and Production Assistant for Ghost Adventures, and Billy, Evidence Analyst and EVP Specialist for Ghost Adventures and Paranormal Challenge, in celebration of the Ghost Adventures season five premiere.

In addition to his work with the Ghost Adventures Crew, Billy (aka DJ Inferno) is an experienced club DJ and producer, with an extensive background in sound editing, which puts him on the cutting edge of sound technology in the field of paranormal research and investigation.  Bottom line, if there’s an EVP recording in need of expert review and interpretation, Billy Tolley is the man for the job.

We chatted with Billy and Tara about what it’s like working with Zak Bagans, Nick Groff, and Aaron Goodwin, along with the experiences that not only changed their perspective on the paranormal, life and death, but the ones that followed them home.

What’s it like working with the Ghost Adventures Crew?

Billy Tolley: I love being silly and laughing.  But that’s just me.  Hard to keep me serious or not sarcastic.  I enjoy traveling with Zak, Nick & Aaron.  They’re hard-working individuals, and produce a wonderful show.  They also know how to laugh and have a good time.

Tara Bohren: I remember when we were in Goldfield and we went to the Tonopah Mines.  The boys climbed into a coal car and pretended it was running away.  When they got out, Zak ripped his brand new jacket.  LOL!  Bad words.

What’s the most significant, or powerful, paranormal encounter you’ve ever had?  And how did it change things for you?

Tara: My experiences in Washoe have changed how I look at everything.  Every time I come home from there my house has more activity.  My blankets get yanked off my bed.  My daughter tells me “the man” is asleep in the master bedroom, so shhh, etc.  I think it makes you look at life and death differently.  Like maybe people are never really GONE, they are just away for a while.

Billy: I have now had several things happen to me that have “changed” me forever, and the way I view the paranormal.  I’ve always believed in the afterlife, but the proof that ghosts and spirits are among us had been shown to me over and over.  Some examples would be being touched on the shoulder at Washoe Club (several times), along with the amazing EVPs I have personally collected on my own adventures, looking for answers.

Since I began ghost hunting, there have been things I that have happened at home.  I do believe that ghosts can follow you home.

Can you tell us about more about your experiences with the paranormal?

Billy: Most recently in the past year I have actually seen things in the dark.  It’s not my eyes going bad.  It’s dark mists and shadows that come up to me, surround me and let me know they are there.

Tara: In Waverly you will see full bodied apparitions.  Crazy.  I saw one come up out of the portal to hell at Mackey’s.

Billy: I took a small trip with my son and my friend Eric out to Amargosa, and he and I experienced a dark mist that encompassed us both in the Opera House.  It was his first experience with that but probably my third time.  The first was upstairs in the Washoe Club.  Totally fascinating to me.

Have you experienced anything while investigating together?

Billy: I was standing next to Tara, and she and I were listening back to a recording of an EVP we just caught in the other room.  And something tapped me on my left shoulder.

Tara: That was such a crazy night.  I’m ready to go back, Billy!

Are there any more stories, or perspective-changing events you’d like to share with us?

Billy: At the very end of the hunt on September 9th, I was in room 19, sitting on one of the two beds in the dark.  A girl came in and sat down on the other bed.  She said that she was just in the Opera House and a spirit was trying to channel with her.  I was intrigued, so I asked her about it.  She offered to try again as long as I watched over her.  I said sure.  I don’t know a lot about channeling, and I’m not an expert, so I sat and watched in the darkness as this girl started some deep breathing.

I watched this girl channel what she claims were four different spirits, entering and leaving her body.  Her voice changed several times.  Sometimes she was a man, sometimes a woman, and even a little girl.  Anyway, I was reluctant to believe that what she was doing was legit, and assumed she was acting (good acting, by the way).  I had my digital recorder in my hand the entire time, and I started asking her questions.  She got angry.

At one point, I thought she was going to punch me.  All I can tell you is that the room got VERY, VERY dark and it felt like someone opened a deep freeze on the bed I was sitting on.  So, for me, I don’t think she was acting at all.  Because the dark mist and the coldness could not be faked in a room that was close to ninety degrees all night long.  It was intense!


Tara Bohren and Billy Tolley are both featured members of DarkMediaCity.

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