“…we may change from time to time, and experiment with new styles, but our fans know that we’ll always be the same people playing great songs with the same intensity.” -Jason Nott

November 13, 2011

Entertainment, Interviews

DarkMedia Interviews Drive A’s Jason Nott:

If you’re the kind of person who’s satisfied with the status quo, and don’t want to be inspired to live outside the box, then Drive A isn’t the band for you.  Armed with a raw, unforgettable sound, Drive A plays the kind of music that takes up residence inside your head — and shakes things up.  And don’t let their youth fool you!  They fully understand the music legacy they’re not only representing, but reinventing.  Having played over 200 live shows, touring with some of the biggest names in the business today, from HIM to The Used, and finding themselves featured on’s coveted “Buzzworthy Video Premieres”, this is a band on the rise.

DarkMedia had the opportunity to sit down with guitarist and vocalist Jason Nott to discuss how he feels about touring with the bands he grew up with, what it means to be a real punk band, and his own experience with what’s been called the “bullying epidemic”.

Drive A began while you were all teenagers. How difficult was it for you to be in the music industry at such a young age?

There’s definitely been quite a few struggles being so young. Bruno, the lead singer, and I started the band when I was 16 and he was only 13. Right away we were…

[Visiti for the full interview]

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