“…that´s what we strive for–to get out on the road, to do gigs in front of big audiences, feel the energy, hear how people sing/scream along with the lyrics!” -Godsic

DarkMedia Interviews Rick Dahlberg of Godsic:

With their debut album, “As the Heavens Burn”, due out in a few months, Swedish death metal band Godsic is already making waves.  Not often does a band come along with such a strong pre-release presence, but this is a band who definitely has–and deserves it.  Firmly planted in the tradition of Sweden’s unique brand of “melodic death metal”, Godsic will, without a doubt, hold a significant place in the future of the genre.

DarkMedia was thrilled to sit down with Godsic’s lead guitarist, Rick Dahlberg, to talk about the future of the band, their biggest influences, and what brought them all together.

How does American metal differ from metal like yours that originated in Sweden?

I´d say that America has a little bit more of a rough sound to their metal; they are more… agressive. Not all bands, but the real metal bands and death metal bands are. At first, when “Swedish Metal” was discovered and all the bands wanted to sound like Entombed, Dismember, Carnage, At The Gates, In Flames, and loooots of other bands, back then, I´d say that they more or less ripped them off, riff by riff.

Now, I think that America has it’s own sound, and I don´t think that we´d be very good at copying them. Though I´d say that Swedish metal is so good, we don´t need to! But, today there are also a lot of melodic bands in the US that remind me of Swedish bands. But they have found their own way of making melodic metal. I think it´s very good!

Your upcoming album is called “As the Heavens Burn”. Can you tell DMC readers the meaning behind the title?

If I remember correctly, nothing at all. Chris just came up with the title, we all thought it sounded cool, so we just decided to stick with that! Looks pretty badass as a logo as well! Could be a band name too, if you ask me!

When did you start listening to metal music? What was it about metal as opposed to other genres of rock that drew you in?

Photo by Daniel Holking

Well, I grew up with bands like: Chicago, Rainbow, Black Sabbath, Deep Purple, Cream, Hendrix and The Beatles–of course. My father loves music, so I grew up listening to that, and then when Europe came, in the early 80s I think, I was hooked.  It just grew on me, the melodies! At that age I didn´t even know what a guitar was, more or less, so, I´d say that melodies are VERY important–I mean, I got stuck with it.

But when I really took the step to metal, I think that must have been early 90´s after Metallica´s Black album. Then I got to listen to Pantera, I had been listening to Megadeth as well, but Pantera was just so much more… raw! More aggressive and faster paced! Great melodies and the groove!! Damn!! So Pantera pretty much opened up my eyes to the whole metal scene.  After that, Crowbar, Carcass and so on.  I still find lots of new, old music to listen to!! Ha ha! I missed a couple of bands when I was growing up!!

DMC is a “dark site” — what are your favorite horror movies? Any from Sweden that you can recommend?

Hmmm, one of my favourite horror movies…  I actually liked the first Wrong Turn movie, then the first SAW movie, Evil Dead, Event Horizon–they are more entertaining than true horror I´d say. I still enjoy all of the Nightmare on Elm Street and Friday the 13th movies as well. I think one of our Swedish movies “Låt den rätte komma in” (“Let the Right One In”) was re-recorded in the US with the title “Let Me In”. Haven´t seen it, but it´s a horror movie, I think! ha ha!

You’ve said being on an indie label is difficult because they don’t have the funds to do big tours. If “As the Heavens Burn” does well enough, would you try for a major label so you could take it out on the road?

Yes! I mean that´s what we strive for–to get out on the road, to do gigs in front of big audiences, feel the energy, hear how people sing/scream along with the lyrics! That´s what makes it worth it, after all the hours you´ve spent on being in the studio recording, rehearsals and countless times you´ve had to re-record stuff.  It all makes it worth it when you get on stage. It’s the best feeling ever!

For readers who haven’t heard your music, and being influenced by Killswitch Engage, Slipknot and Bring Me The Horizon, who would you say you most sound like? What artist or band has been your greatest influence?

Oh, I really can´t answer that in a good or “correct” way.  The best thing to do is to visit our website, listen to the songs and let people make up their own minds. ‘Cause if I start saying we sound like “some band”, we will be compared to them all the time.  And, to be honest, it´s sooo boring and sad everytime you get the “label” that they sound like…”some band”. We sound like Godsic! Though we do have a lot of different bands and people who influence us.  But, then again, so do all bands. Better to have a listen, and I bet that if you like a certain band and you like Godsic, you will find your own influences in our music that way. Probably compare us that way too!

When you do get a big tour, what bands would you like to tour with?

Well, all of our influences! Ha! One of my favourite bands to tour with would be Machine Head. I think they are a great live act! And I think we´d get along really well as people.

According to you, your band name has no religious connection — can you tell us a little about the meaning behind “Godsic”?

Actually it was Peter´s old solo project’s name.When we started out we didn´t have a band name, so Peter suggested Godsic. And to be honest I wasn´t that thrilled with it at the time, though we decided to go with it. Now I feel very good about the name! It´s easy to remember, short and has a great logo! Now it feels more like a band that has grown together, rather than and old solo project that just has some new members/session people in it. The meaning? Ooh just read the FAQ on our homepage! Ha ha.  But I can tell you, we are NOT a satanic band or something of that nature!

Are there any plans for a music video? If yes, what song will you shoot first?

Plans? Yes! The funds to do it? No, not at this point. But I´d say one of the “softer” songs, like “Timelapse” and hopefully “Crisis”. They are catchy as hell, and not too soft to sell out either! Ha! I think they would both work great as music videos!

Will your new album be released as digital and hard copy? Will it be available in all countries?

At the moment I know about as much as you do… I really don´t know yet, it depends on whether we get a label to support us or if we´ll release it ourselves. Sadly, money is always a factor.

Peter, your vocalist, runs your Twitter account. (@godsic) Do any of you have personal accounts your fans can follow?

Yes, I do too now! Ha ha! Peter convinced me to do so! My twitter account is @RickGodsic, and Peter also has his own @PeterGodsic. And please do add us! We are both online pretty much and answer many questions and just relax and talk about all kinds of stuff there on a daily basis! And if you wanna get even more personal, send us questions that we might answer in our new Q&A videos on our Youtube channel. Mail us at:

Besides Sweden, where is your biggest fan base?

Hmm, I think it´s pretty even between the US and South America.

After four of you played in another band, what brought you all together again?

Well, me and Chris had a bunch of songs, and no singer or second guitar player. We bumped into Peter one night when we were our drinking beer, and well… We started talking, and it turned out Peter wanted to start fresh too. So we just took all of our material and started playing again. Thomas (bass) was just the natural choice since we had played together in “Construcdead”. And he is, hands down, without a doubt the best bass player ever out there! Jari joined shortly after. We sent him a couple of songs and he was hooked.  He’s also an amazing guitar player, not too much for leads, but he is kinda like a riff machine!! Steady as hell!!

Who is the main lyricist, and what inspires you to write?

Peter & Chris. They write lyrics, and I really haven´t been reading too much of their lyrics, so I can´t say too much about that. But I guess everyday life?

It’s been a pleasure interviewing you. Can you please give our readers three reasons why they should listen to Godsic?

I´ll try! Ha ha!

1. Because we are from Sweden, and Sweden always deliver the good stuff!

2. We have our own sound, and it´s damn good!

3. If you love good metal, guitars, fast heavy drumming, and good powerful vocals! Then look no further! You know you want it!!


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