‘Tis the Season for Giveaways on DMC!

December 28, 2011

Events & Promotions

This month, DarkMediaCity is hosting not one, but four incredible giveaways — in cooperation with a few of our very favorite people.

First, award winning author V.M.K. Fewings has generously donated ten signed copies of her latest novel in The Stone Masters Vampire Series, Book III: A VAMPIRE’S DOMINION.

Summary from the publisher, Zova Books:

Vampires Jadeon and Orpheus have a few things in common. They both hate each other. They’ve both killed each other.

And they both just woke up in the same body.

When a vampiric reincarnation goes tragically wrong, two immortals find themselves ever-meshing into the newly-formed William. To make matters worse, someone is poisoning London’s vampires and no immortal is safe.

William’s struggle to come to terms with his identity and maintain his survival leads him to the beautiful and intelligent Inspector Ingrid Jansen, a woman who not only awakens his heart but may also help him save the city.

Embarking on a perilous adventure, William and Ingrid struggle to decipher ancient clues while staying one step ahead of the pursuing Stone Masters. Scouring the city from the aristocratic heights of its regal facade to the darkest deviancy of its corrupted core, they search for a way to reverse his catastrophe — and save all vampires from a growing threat far worse than the Stone Lords ever were.

Rising straight from the ashes of the shocking ending of A Vampire’s Reckoning, V.M.K. Fewings brings faithful fans back to the Stone Masters Vampire Series right where they left off, while guiding new readers into the embrace of London’s nightwalkers.

Enter to win a signed copy of A VAMPIRE’S DOMINION by RSVPing “yes” here, only on DMC, until January 15th.  And be sure to read DarkMedia’s exclusive interview with author V.M.K. Fewings here.


Next, for anyone who’s ever had an interest in the paranormal, is a signed copy of GROWING UP HAUNTED: A GHOSTLY MEMOIR, donated by author Alexandra Holzer, daughter of renounced parapsychologist Hans Holzer, and uncompromising keeper of what has come to be known as the illustrious “Holzer Legacy”.


“Alexandra Holzer was born into a world filled with aristocrats, scientists, witches, warlocks and “things that go bump in the night.” She takes the reader on an exciting, eccentric and unique journey from childhood to present time, which reads like something out of a Harry Potter novel. Hang on to your broomstick…” —Merryn Jose – Writer, Editor and Publisher of Merlian

“Have you ever wondered what it would be like to live in a real haunted house or perhaps be brought up in an environment where the paranormal is accepted as the normal? In many ways Alexandra Holzer was. Being the daughter of the famous ghost hunter and highly revered and respected parapsychologist, Dr. Hans Holzer, one might almost expect Alexandra to have had some unusual experiences at home. Her mother Catherine, a countess of the Russian Royal Family, Buxhoeveden, a highly talented artist, must surely contribute to the genes that would make Alexandra Holzer sensitive to other worldliness.

This is a fabulous book that gives the reader, not just an insight into her upbringing, but a unique opportunity through the eyes of this talented word smith, to experience the world of the unknown to most people. It is clear that getting impressions of the afterlife became very much something that she came to consider as normal. Indeed, in the book, she speaks of being given a message from one member of her family telling her she needed to get back into writing because she would be successful and extremely well-known for her efforts if she did. Majoring in fashion, fine art and design advertising and highly respected in her field, the book seems to suggest a new-found appreciation of literature and the paranormal.

If you really do want to know what it is like to have second sight and be brought up in the home of a master of other worldliness, this is a ‘must read’ book for you, and of such importance to the searcher for such knowledge that recommendations for literature prizes should also be considered by the publishers.” — Philip Solomon- Psychic Medium to the Stars.

Enter to win a signed copy of GROWING UP HAUNTED: A GHOSTLY MEMOIR by RSVPing “yes” here, only on DMC, until January 30th.  And be sure to read DarkMedia’s exclusive interview with the incomparable Alexandra Holzer here.


Then, as if that wasn’t enough, music fans have the opportunity to win one of five signed copies of the album “FOUND THEIR WAY HOME”, donated by the incredibly talented Hard Rock | Alternative | Metal band, Willpowerless.

Take a look at their latest video, American Psycho:

Enter to win a signed copy of Willpowerless’ “FOUND THEIR WAY HOME” by RSVPing “yes” here, only on DMC, until January 30th.  And be sure to read DarkMedia’s exclusive interview with Willpowerless bassist Jordan Panfil here.


Last, but certainly not least, DarkMedia has once again teamed up with YouTube sensation and style maven Bunny Meyer (aka grav3yardgirl) for a very special New Year’s giveaway.


Eligible DMC members can read more about the contest rules, and enter the contest here.

Good luck!


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