The Secret Circle Recap: Never stand in the way of Destiny

January 13, 2012


by Vampire Renee:

The Secret Circle: 01×11 – Ice/Fire

Overview: Adam asks Cassie to the Fire and Ice Winter dance when he helps her research her father’s past. Meanwhile, Faye tries to conduct a spell that will grant her individual magic, but it has terrifying consequences.

Favorite Quote: “Never judge a book by its lip-gloss.” –Lee


  • The moment with Adam and his father, cute but overly emotional. But it makes Adam see that he does have feelings for Cassie.
  • Adman asking Cassie to the dance – take notes boys… if you make it not a big thing, and act cool, it gets the girl. Not every girl needs the limo, flowers and flashing banner.
  • Adam helping Cassie find out more about her father — even if it only influences the connection between them; what a sneaky tactic he used too, charm will get you everywhere.
  • At least someone in the group has brains; if not for Adam they might have had no idea what Faye was up to. Didn’t your mother ever teach you not to mess with things you don’t know anything about?
  • Diana finally getting to have some fun and dancing with that cute guy Aaron, and not think about Adam, while Adam is on the sidelines to watch — this time to think about the past. Understanding that Melissa is still morning her lost love Nick.
  •  The theme of the Fire and Ice dance, which was inspired by the Robert Frost poem about the end of a relationship, being so fitting for Diana and Adam’s break-up.
  • Never stand in the way of Destiny; an Adam and Cassie kiss.


  • Really? You all are witches and want to be normal high school students that help with the dance and whatnot? Lame.
  • Faye’s attitude; it was cute in the beginning but really starting to wear thin. Like, really, stop trying to be the center of attention, don’t know you it might lead to something bad? Learn basic witch code; times 3.
  • Faye’s spell affecting everyone else in the circle besides Cassie, and finally having a moment of clarity over it all – for a moment but didn’t last long before blowing up at everyone.
  • Ethan giving Cassie suspecting looks in the parking lot like she was the one that was to blame for the fire in the school.
  • Faye running back to Lee – stop being that girl.
  • Jake ruing the Adam and Cassie kiss in the basement of the abandoned house that Cassie’s father used to own.


  • No parents this time trying to work behind the circles back, or are they still recovering from the Charles and Dawn kiss?

Next Episode:
January 19th-2012 (Witness)

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