The Vampire Diaries Recap: Someone has blood on their hands

January 13, 2012


by Vampire Renee:

The Vampire Diaries: 03×11 – Our Town

Overview: Elena, Bonnie and Matt plan a surprise 18th birthday party for Caroline. Meanwhile, Damon and Stefan disagree over the best way to handle Klaus; and Alaric runs into Dr. Fell, who is in the middle of an argument with her ex-boyfriend. Bonnie struggles with the thought of Jeremy leaving town for his safety.

Favourite Quote:  “Please don’t tell me you are going to drink the Klaus kool-aid.” –Damon


  • Yes, best opening again — naked Damon in the shower and in a towel just walking around like it’s all good. That kiss really put a little spring in his step.
  • Damon ripping the heart out of the hybrid — now that’s hot and badass; he’s a total heartbreaker and ripper.
  • Damon taunting the dead witching about the mysterious locked coffin that they can make one disappear but not open one.
  • Stefan threatening Klaus about the coffins, even leaving Elijah in the Arctic but then really making his point clear about killing the hybrids if Klaus doesn’t make them leave town by decapitating one of them right there.
  • Tyler stepping up to Klaus about his requirement to bite/kill Caroline. Good to know that despite his sire to Klaus that Tyler still won’t hurt Caroline. And telling that to Caroline, along with saying that he loves her — but that’s all ruined by an impulse bite which could mean certain death.
  • Best way to perk up a birthday – go to the graveyard. Works for me, except I never bring tequila with me, have to keep that in mind. And it seems to make Caroline happy, it will so next time on your birthday try it.
  • Alaric saving Dr. Fell from the ex at the council meeting, always the white knight that’s for sure even when he’s not completely sure of what’s going on and laughs it off.
  • Klaus showing up to save Caroline which might only mean turning her into a hybrid – hopefully. And finally getting to see a side of Klaus that probably no one else has ever seem in his ‘billion’ years on this earth. However this might come at a new price and changed alliances once again. Even sweet to leave her a birthday present in the morning – infatuation might be something to distract Klaus.
  • Every episode should end or contain a sweet Delena moment, Damon always the hero for Elena when Stefan leaves her stranded.


  • Elena just punching away at the punching bag — just slap Stefan again, seems to have a good frustration relieving effect.
  • Jeremy leaving town because of Damon’s compulsions for his safety — just really want him and Bonnie to make up first before.
  • Tyler and Caroline’s talk, so sad because they make such a ‘power’ couple. Sad to see there might not be any more hot passionate love scenes between them.
  • Klaus having a morning moment for Rebekah while she lay in her coffin, how fake and sentimental even for him.
  • Caroline’s downer about her 18th birthday which dead or not should be a good day either way.
  • Dr. Fell bringing up the ‘vampire problem’ to Alaric only to find out that Klaus is corrupting the city with money and hybrids.
  • Bonnie being made at Elena for trying to protect the people that she loves, she feels helpless as it is compared to the vampires, werewolves and hybrids.
  • Matt still miserable about losing Elena and then Caroline but to see his heart still breaking, while wanting everyone else to be happy.
  • Stefan ‘kidnapping’ Elena from the funeral/birthday party – let me guess another trip to the middle of nowhere. If anyone should turn her into a vampire it should be Damon and not Stefan, and his crazy idea to win against Klaus… talk about being drastic. Even if it seems killing Elena on the same bridge her parents died on and where Stefan saved her.
  • Bluffing? No one is bluffing they just all seem crazy because clearly they aren’t playing cards at all.
  • Jeremy leaving.  Just glad that Bonnie made it there just in time to say good-bye, not really a make-up but will take it he’s got the time.


  • The medical examiner and ex-boyfriend to Dr. Fell found dead by stake in the woods – someone has blood on their hands and it might just be a Doctor.

Next Episode:
January 19th-2012 (The Ties That Bind)


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