Being Human Recap: “Freedom is just that moment of calm before the dread sets in.”

January 17, 2012

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by Kimmie:

Being Human (SyFy) Recap: “Turn This Mother Out”
Original Air Date: Monday January 16, 2012
Season 2, Episode 1

Last season saw the brutal beheading inflicted on Bishop by the enraged Aidan. We also saw Josh accidentally turning into a werewolf right in front of his pregnant human girlfriend, Nora’s, very eyes. Sally saw her door to “the other side” but declined to walk through. These three unlikely roommates start season two in a brew of emotional turmoil.

Daddy Aidan

Fresh from the savage kill of Bishop, Aidan is immediately forced to become the leader of the Boston area vampires. Hegeman unofficially appoints Aidan to these duties because it is “tradition”. Aidan tries fostering the droves of newly turned vampires that Bishop had created for his illegal army of blood suckers. He begins to bond with one particular newbie named Tommy. Aidan’s poor mothering skills leave these young vampires starving with his ill attempt of holding them off from killing humans with bags of donated blood from the hospital. Tommy cries to Aidan that he has heard that “the Mother” is coming and that she is going to be “culling” the illegitimate vampires that Bishop created. Aidan assures that when he meets with the Mother that he will ask for mercy for them.

Aidan attends a meeting with the council and the Mother, and accepts her offer to grant him freedom from all of his leadership duties so long as he trains her daughter successfully to lead the Boston area vampires. We are led to assume that this must be a harrowing endeavor since all vampires in attendance seem uneasy with this request. The gorgeous Mother, (looking very much like Siouxsie Sioux) declines to grant mercy on the illegitimate vampires. Behind closed doors, Mother and Hegeman develop a plan to rid Aidan of any distractions…like a ghost and a werewolf.

A second meeting is called with the Mother and council, but this time Aidan intercepts Tommy, along with a few other illegitimate vampires, who are ready to kill Mother. Aidan protects the Mother, and sadly kills Tommy. Mother takes Aidan to a dark forest during the full moon, and has him dig up her daughter from a grave in the ground.

Sally’s Class Reunion

Sally reluctantly decides to attend her high school reunion, even though she knows full well that nobody will be able to see her. When she arrives, she is pleasantly surprised with the company of an old classmate named Stevie, who killed himself their junior year. The two begin to discuss who will be remembered more at the class reunion, and much to her chagrin, Sally is informed that Dianne Alcott died a few months ago from malaria. Sally remembers Dianne to be an egotistical snob, but Stevie shares that she was a Goodwill Ambassador in Africa. Dianne appears at the reunion, but seems to be the same snob that Sally and Stevie remember her to be. Sally confronts Dianne about her selfish ways, and Dianne admits to all of her wrong doings…and then her door appears. Sally watches as Dianne peacefully walks through her door.

Nora loves Josh… warts and all

Now that the dog… oh, uhh… cat is out of the bag… Josh is free to discuss his secret of being a werewolf with Nora. Little does Josh know that Nora is hiding the fact that he scratched her a month ago when he turned into a werewolf. Nora begins inquiring about Josh’s feelings and symptoms of being a werewolf, but Josh only reveals the most basic of information. He wants to remain as “normal” as possible.

Nora drives Josh to the thick of the woods to drop him off for the full moon madness. Josh implores Nora to leave and runs off. Nora begins to transform into a werewolf. Josh hears her screams for help and rushes back to her, but is shot by the vampire Hegeman.

Quotable Quotes:

Aidan narrating: “Freedom is just that moment of calm before the dread sets in.”
Mother to Hegeman: “It’s always the mother’s fault.”
Josh to Aidan: “Am I supposed to be clutching my pearls in shock?”


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