The Secret Circle Recap: “Don’t they usually stay hidden in the shadows?”

January 20, 2012

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by Vampire Renee:

The Secret Circle 01×12 Witness
Original Air Date: January 19th–2012

Overview:  Jake returns to town to warn Cassie that unless they discover how her father died in a boat fire 16 years ago that she will meet the same fate. Meanwhile, Faye gets trapped in a dangerous situation when one of Lee’s friends visits the shop.

Favorite Quote:  “So you are an avenging angel now. Don’t they usually stay hidden in the shadows?”  –Adam


  • Jake saving Cassie and Melissa from the fire and coming back to warn her about her bloodline — along with the witch hunter council’s plans to use a ritual that killed her father, and come for her.
  • Finding out that Jake was there when the witch hunters set the fire 16 years ago, and that Jake thinks that Cassie’s powers are the only way to detract the information that they need. He has a small amount of memory of that night since he was hiding in the car. Between he and Adam who knows who really holds Cassie’s best interest at heart – Team Destiny or Team Dangerous; take your side.
  • The vision of that night was just as foggy and eerie like a memory, even seeing Jake’s parents — who look like they would be because the features are so similar to Jake.  And so close to getting info when what might be a ‘mental block’ stops Jake from going forward, leaving Cassie alone in Jake’s memory.
  • If it wasn’t for Jake it seems like no one might ever know what to do, and Cassie might have been trapped in the memory choking and possibly dead. But seeing his mother’s face in the fire must have traumatized him all over again. And knowing that Cassie’s father still might be out there somewhere.
  • That Lee, despite helping Faye to try to take Cassie’s dark magic, knows the limits of certain things and doesn’t want Faye to fall to the same fate as before.
  • Jake’s vague idea of digging up Cassie’s father’s grave – there aren’t enough crazy things in shows anymore… like (clearly) inhuman remains in the coffin.


  • The awkward tension between Dawn and Charles over the crystals, magic and Dawn trying to kill Charles’s mother which could be justified as she tried to kill Cassie.
  • Faye hanging out with Lee — won’t she ever learn even that snappy wit seems to intrigue Lee’s friend Callum? There is just something about it that gives me the creeps, but things like that don’t scare Faye — even to the point of staying alone with him for a while with Lee waiting outside wanting to know about this ‘devil spirit’ thing. Something Faye would be interested in, using anyone and everyone to get the power she craves.
  • It was a good thing Jake was pulled out from the memory, because I don’t think he would have survived again with the memory of his father being killed and his mother held capture by the witch hunters. But Cassie is now the one left to witness her father’s death that she can’t see behind the hood.
  • The confrontation between Ethan and Charles; there is something more there that is disturbing, most of all, when Charles spits up water. With powers like that they must be dark, and it makes us all question some of things… but that really wouldn’t make sense. Way to stand up — let’s just hope it has to do more with the crystal and not Cassie’s father.
  • Seeing more of the pain between Diana and Adam, when they know that fate can’t be denied… but neither can the heart.


  • How those boats have remained there for 16 years is so spooky and eerie; how they just float there like ghosts — always there but barely noticed.

Next Episode:  February 2nd –2012 (Medallion)


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