Being Human Recap: “Because for us, nightmares really do come true. They already have.”

January 24, 2012

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by Kimmie:

Being Human (SyFy) Recap: “Do You Really Want to Hurt Me?”
Original Air Date: Monday January 23, 2012
Season 2, Episode 2

Last week’s high intensity season premiere left us hanging as we see Aidan digging up the Mother’s vampire daughter in the forest, while Hegeman is off in the distance ready to shoot and kill Josh in the middle of his werewolf transformation. In this very same forest, we witnessed Nora turning for the very first time into a werewolf. Back at home, Sally screams herself awake to discover that she is able to sleep and dream…or rather, have nightmares.

‘How’l You Feeling?

Just as Josh gets a good distance from Nora on foot in the woods, she unexpectedly begins to transform into a werewolf. Her shrieks of pain are heard by Josh and he dashes off to her aid. What he didn’t see coming was a bullet intended to kill him, fired by the vampire, Hegeman. When it grazes Josh’s shoulder, Hegeman decides to take aim again, but Nora, in wolf form, viciously attacks and kills Hegeman. Morning arrives, and Nora awakens to find herself naked, filthy, and sporting a blood mustache. Josh arises to find himself on the forest floor and desperate to find Nora. He locates her on his front porch and realizes that he scratched her the previous month, therefore infecting her with his curse. They enter the apartment and Sally is thrilled to see that Nora is now able to see and hear her. Nora admits to Sally that she is now a werewolf. When Aidan arrives at home, Josh discusses this situation with him privately. He tells Aidan that Hegeman tried to shoot him dead in the forest, but that Nora attacked and killed Hegeman. He also tells Aidan that Nora doesn’t know that she killed Hegeman, and that he would like to keep it that way.

Nora seeks solace at work at the hospital. Josh presses Nora to talk about why she didn’t tell him about her symptoms, but she reminds him that he wouldn’t let her discuss anything wolf related. Josh tries reassuring Nora that they need to continue on with life as normal as possible. They were invited to a party and he thinks it would be good for them to go out and mingle and be ‘normal’. At the party, Nora is unable to snap out of her confusion and depression. She reveals out loud to the party goers that she had recently miscarried and that she woke up that day naked outside with a dead squirrel in her mouth. Clearly their attendance was a mistake, and Josh takes Nora home. 

The Uncompromising Aidan

Aidan digs up the Mother’s daughter, and takes the hideous form back to the vampire headquarters. A steady stream of lured humans visit the Mother’s daughter, Suren. She feeds on them all, and soon enough, is back to her former physical beauty. It would seem that Suren and Aidan have a complicated past together. Suren scoffs at Aidan’s new lifestyle of being a ‘vegetarian’ vampire. Aidan tries to stick to the task at hand and tells Suren that she must focus on becoming the leader of the Boston area vampires. He urges her to cooperate in finding a new vampire connection to the police department so that they can cover up all future killings from their kind.

Suren calls for Aidan the next day and as he arrives to meet with her, she introduces him to Cecilia, a human cop who is intrigued by Suren. Aidan takes Suren to the side and argues that the inside police contact needs to be a vampire. Suren tells Aidan that Cecilia would make a great contact, but that Aidan needs to turn Cecilia into a vampire, or else she will tell the vampire authorities about a missing Hegeman. Aidan gives it a go, but is unable to go through with it. Suren does the deed for herself and Aidan finds himself in a bar later drinking his worries away. It is there at the bar that an attractive med student he met earlier at the hospital, flirts with him. We see the two in a romantic exchange that will carry on over to next week’s episode.

Take On Me

Sally is both elated and terrified that she has discovered that she is able to sleep and dream. While her two friends are knee deep in their own issues to talk to her, Sally invites her ghost friend Stevie over. Stevie brings along two other obnoxious teenage spirit guys over, Dylan and Boner. Completely bored, the three guys take Sally to a Boston University kegger. Dylan and Boner decide that they are going to “take” a body. They jump into two men and begin to dance around in these bodies. Stevie explains to Sally that “taking” a body means that you jump into them and are able to take over them. He warns that it can lead to a dark path and that he won’t do it anymore. Sally decides she wants to give it a go, and takes a young lady over. She is thrilled with the “high” of human solid form and indulges in food and drink and the subtle experience of the feeling of goosebumps. Overcome with giddiness, Dylan makes a forceful move on her and refuses to back down from his sexual advances. Stevie comes to Sally’s rescue, and Dylan and Sally vacate the bodies. Stevie and Dylan duke it out. Consumed with rage, Stevie zaps Dylan into a puff of smoke. Sally is stunned and returns home shaken to the core. She discusses with Nora the confusion and panic she feels at seeing Stevie obliterating another ghost. Nora discusses her amazement at what dark actions she is capable of in wolf form. Nora is beginning to remember her brutal dismemberment of the vampire Hegeman. 

Quotable Quotes: 

Sally narrating:  “Because for us, nightmares really do come true. They already have.”
Aidan to Sally:  “Why are there ghosts here punching each other in the balls?”
Stevie to Sally:  “It’s like a phantom limb. He can mind-whack it.”
Nora to Josh:  “Can I get a mocha?…you know…cause chocolate is toxic to dogs.”


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[Photos by: Philippe Bosse/Syfy]

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