Lost Girl Recap: “Where There’s a Will, There’s a Fae”

January 25, 2012

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by Kimmie:

Original Air Date on SyFy: Monday January 23, 2012
Season 1, Episode 2

Last week’s pilot episode introduced us to the secret Fae world and to the mesmerizing succubus Bo.  What lies ahead of us is as completely mysterious and unknown as Bo’s past. Neutral, and free from belonging to a side, Bo presses forward with the agenda to solve the conundrum of her origination.

Who Stole My Stash?

Bo and Kenzi take delight in making their dingy warehouse apartment into a home. Upon returning home from shopping, they are startled by a disheveled man sitting on their couch. He apologizes for the random bursts of green flames that keep popping up everywhere, and introduces himself as Will-o’-the-Wisp. Will for short. He explains that he is a Woodland Fae of the Light. He is seeking help from Bo to locate a human man that has been hunting him for years. He explains that this human broke into his home that is well hidden inside of a tree in the woods, and stole his treasure of jewels. He wants to hire Bo to retrieve his treasure. In return for Bo’s help, he will offer her clues about her past. He proves his valuable insight by asking Bo if she has a birthmark on her left heel. Bo admits to this and wants to know more, but Will only agrees to tell her more once she finds and returns his treasure back to him. He hands Bo a backpack that the thief left behind to help jumpstart her investigation. Inside the bag is a gun. 

Drinks at a Fae Bar

Bo heads to speak with Dyson at the police station to ask for help from him. She wants him to track down the owner of the gun. Dyson resists, but Bo threatens to expose the Fae world if he does not help. Dyson agrees to help and then takes her to a secret Fae bar. At this bar, Dyson introduces Bo to the bartender, Trick. Trick is one of the elders and is keeper of this bar/waystation. They call this place the Dal. It is neutral territory for the Light and Dark Fae. Trick takes Bo to a back room and asks her a series of questions. He inquires about her real parent’s names, but she has no clue who they are. Trick informs her that both of her parents are Fae because if one wasn’t, she wouldn’t have any powers. Trick has Bo sign her name into an old book. Trick then fills in Bo about how the Light and Dark Fae have been at odds for over a thousand years. Bo and Trick seem to develop a mutual friendly respect for each other. They part ways and Bo rejoins Dyson who informs her that he has the name of the owner of the gun. It belongs to a man named Michael Connell. 

Shut the Front Door!

Bo and Kenzi pay Michael Connell a visit. When no one answers the knock at the front door, Bo takes it upon herself to open it. She immediately sees that the front door is booby-trapped, and a gun wired to the door shoots a bullet into her hand. Bo and Kenzi enter this mobile home and discover a plethora of fairy and folklore books. Kenzi notices an address to a jewelry store that Michael has highlighted. Just as the two are about to leave, a woman with a shotgun who claims to be Michael’s neighbor stops them. Bo works her magic and kisses the woman almost into death, but Kenzi is able to stop Bo. Instantly Bo’s hand heals, and Kenzi is sent to go back to their home to make sure Will doesn’t burn down their place. Bo decides to do some “jewelry shopping”.

Bo traces Michael’s trail to a jewelry store and literally squeezes detailed information on the whereabouts of Michael out of the shop owner. Bo calls Kenzi to join her at a motel where she believes Michael Connell to be. Kenzi waits in the car as Bo disguises herself as a cleaning maid. Michael lets her in but quickly picks up on the ruse and points a gun at Bo. He tells Bo that he knows she must have been sent by Will…and verbalizes that Will is his father. Michael is privy to the whole Fae world. He tells the story that his mother used to tell him. She told him that when she worked at a research station in the woods, she kept seeing green bursts of light. When she went searching for the green flames in the forest she had gotten lost. Will appeared before her, and they had a passionate night under the full moon. She became pregnant and tried searching for Will, but he did not want to be found. People began to think she was crazy because she was looking for this otherworldly man. Although she has since died, Michael only wishes to get to know his father. He tells Bo that Will can have his treasure back, but that he wants to meet him. Just as Bo is about to leave, an ominous Fae explodes into the motel room. This huge Fae has taken off his own head and places it down. He lunges at Bo and Michael with a huge sword. Bo sends Michael away and battles this Underfae. Sidekick Kenzi rushes to Bo and helps her slay the headless monster.

Bo brings along Kenzi to the Dal to seek help from Dyson and Trick about what to do about the slain beast. Dyson identifies the body as a Dullahan, which are extremely difficult to defeat. He agrees to take care of the mess and reluctantly gives Bo the phone number of the scientist/doctor Lauren. Bo believes that Lauren can give her something to stave off her deadly hunger. Kenzi rummages through the pockets of the Dullahan and sees that he was recently paid, probably to snuff out Michael. Kenzi and Bo race back to confront Will but he denies sending a Dullahan. Will is stunned to find out that he is a father and agrees to meet with Michael. Bo tells Kenzi to watch over Will while she makes a quick trip to see the scientist/doctor Lauren. Against protocol, Lauren administers a hunger-reducing shot into Bo’s arm, but warns her that she will not be able to heal quickly while on this medication.

Storage Wars

A meeting is arranged at a self-storage unit where Michael has stowed Will’s jewels. Before Kenzi arrives with Will, Michael lets Bo into the storage unit. He then pulls out a gun and tells Bo that he won’t be happy with just a reunion. He wants to expose the Fae to the world as revenge for the humiliation his mother endured for years of trying to tell people about her “special” lover. Nobody believed her, but now he can validate her. Michael locks Bo in the storage unit and when Kenzi and Will arrive they are confronted by Michael with a gun. Will tries to explain the reasons why he stayed away from Michael’s mother. He thought it would put them in danger because of the risk of Fae exposure. It is at this time that another headless Dullahan appears and attacks Michael. Will admits that he had hired the hit on Michael, but was unable to cancel the hit with the relentless Dullahans. Kenzi releases Bo from the storage unit, and a combat ensues between the Dullahan and Bo. Just as Bo is about to become headless herself, Kenzi throws the Dullahan’s head into a fire. He collapses dead, but Bo has suffered a deep injury and is unable to heal due to the hunger-reducing injection that Lauren had administered. A grateful Will pays up and tells Bo that the only information he has to give to her is that he saw a mid-wife Fae 28 years ago in the forest running off with a baby girl in a terrified panic. We would presume that the baby is Bo due to Will’s recollection of the birthmark on the heel of the infant that matches Bo’s. He sincerely knows no more detail, but urges her to find her parents. Wounded, the only urge Bo wants to give in to is the healing powers of Dyson. The episode ends with a “healthy dose” of the sexual injection that Dyson gives to Bo…leaving her functioning at 100% again.

Quotable Quotes:

Bo to Kenzi:  “It’s kind of tough growing up thinking you might have a shot at being prom queen, and then find out that you’re part of some ageless secret race that feeds on humans.”
Kenzi’s response:  “I hate it when that happens.” 

Kenzi:  “With a little work, our crack shack is going to start feeling downright homey.”

Kenzi:  “Not everybody here is a nookie-powered Amazon.”

Lost Girl airs Monday nights at 10/9c on the SyFy Network.


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