Lost Girl Recap: “Sorority” aka “Oh Kappa, My Kappa”

February 1, 2012

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by Kimmie

Original Air Date on SyFy: Monday January 30, 2012
Season 1 Episode 3

Last week ended with some sexual healing that Dyson administers to Bo, and that is right where we open up this week. Bo wakes up from an exhaustive night of fornicating, completely relieved that Dyson is still alive. She admits to the weary Dyson that no lover has ever survived the strokes from her heavy petting. He laughs it off, but seems rather proud of his mission accomplished. Ever the kleptomaniac. Kenzi tries to steal a glance at Dyson’s manly goods when she sees him in the morning. After Dyson takes off, Kenzi encourages Bo to consider dating Dyson. Without too much hesitation, Bo agrees to approach Dyson about this. Bo then finds a pamphlet on their table titled, “Bo’s Private Investigation Services.” Clearly not amused, Bo is apprehensive about Kenzi’s idea to start up a private investigation business for cases considered unbelievable or too mysterious for local police. Bo decides to give a shot after Kenzi tells her that they already have a bite.

Spooky Files

Bo and Kenzi meet up with their client, a mother of a missing 18 year old college girl named Gina. She tells them that the college campus police refuse to investigate the disappearance of her daughter, and that the local police won’t take action soon enough. She clues them in about how Gina was pledging to become a Kappa sorority sister. Briefed with these details, Bo makes her way to Dyson’s police station and digs for information about Locksley College. Dyson is able to pull a “secret” file about an incident that occurred ten years ago on campus. A student had been completely hollowed out all organs and muscle tissue without a single incision. Bo charms Dyson into making arrangements for her to work as campus security and to make certain Kenzi goes undercover as a student.

Pretty in Pink

Bo presents Kenzi with a pink and preppy wardrobe that any college sorority sister would gush over. Completely appalled by the clothing, Kenzi conforms and sets forth to be accepted by the Kappa sorority. She is welcomed in with warm and fuzzy hugs. Kenzi moves into Gina’s room, but is unable to find any helpful clues to the whereabouts of Gina. The only thing she is able to find out is that Locksley College dean, Peretti, is a former Kappa house sister. She shares this tidbit of information with Bo upon returning from a wild Kappa house party.

Charm School

Bo takes on the duties of an official campus security officer. She is taken under the wing of security officer Wayne who tells her that reports of missing students are generally dismissed due to the drop-outs and weekend benders. He also discloses that Dean Peretti discourages these reports because it scares off large donations to the school because of bad publicity. Bo decides to pay Dean Peretti a personal visit. She informs Dean Peretti that she fully intends to start a voluntary investigation into finding Gina. Dean Peretti vehemently objects this idea, and Bo is force to use her charm to withdraw information from her. As Bo caresses her, Peretti divulges that an eyewitness saw Gina running from something in the nearby campus forest the night she went missing. Bo goes for a walk into the wooded area adjacent to the campus and finds Gina’s necklace near a huge hole. She gathers some old maps of the college campus and is amazed to find that there are several tunnels and caves that run directly underneath it.

Bo touches base with Dyson and shares that she intends to search underground later that evening. Dyson is concerned and requests that she call him at 8pm that night to let him know that she is safe. As Bo wanders into the forest that night to find the tunnels, Wayne catches up to her and tazes her. Kenzi happens to be on the phone with Bo when she is tased and quickly seeks out help from Dyson. The two of them head to the forest and Dyson transforms into a wolf in front of Kenzi.

Bo wakes up in an underground lair with a huge pond of bright green water. Wayne fesses up to kidnapping several students since 1942 when he came across this lair. He has been feeding an Underfae that lives in this underground pond with students, and reaps the rewards by drinking the liquid the Fae stews in because it keeps him young. The chained up Underfae emerges from the water and goes after Gina who is just on the other side of the pond from Bo. Bo fights the Underfae called a Kappa, but nearly gets choked to death until Dyson comes to her rescue.  Gina is reunited with her grateful mother and Bo and Kenzi pat each other on the back.

Careless Whispers

Dyson had been approached by Trick earlier that day to discourage him from “getting feelings” for Bo. It would seem that Trick may know more about Bo’s past and may have an idea what kind of issues they all might have if any of them become attached to Bo. Loyal to a fault, Dyson decides to abide.

Bo gets the gumption to locate Dyson at The Dal and talk to him about pursuing an actual relationship with each other. She finds him there in a back room making out with one of the waitresses. Dyson runs after a distraught Bo, and sadly tells her that he is basically not interested in a relationship. Although heart-broken, Bo holds her head up high and leaves. Dyson is visibly heart-broken himself.

Quotable Quotes

Kenzi to Bo:  “In my defense, truth is for pussies.”

Kenzi to Bo:  “For preppies, those girls can hang. Turns out ‘Girls Night In’ was code for ‘Drink until you lips fall off and you start over-sharing’ I think I touched a boob.”

Kenzi to Bo:  “Oh by the way, I totally saw his wolf junk! High five!”


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