The Secret Circle Recap: “I accept how you are, I just don’t accept you are willing to be defined by dark magic. I think you are much more than that.”

February 3, 2012

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by Vampire Renee:

The Secret Circle | 01×13 Medallion
Original Air Date: February 2nd–2012

Overview: Cassie receives a warning about the return of the witch hunters, and asks for the Circle’s help. Later, her true feelings for Adam and Jake surface at a birthday party; and Faye and Melissa take their powers to a frightening new level.

Favourite Quote:  “I accept how you are, I just don’t accept you are willing to be defined by dark magic.  I think you are much more than that.”  –Adam


  •  The witty teasing between Jake and Faye after running into each other on the street
  • Ethan and Diana team up to throw Adam a surprise birthday party but it’s blown before it gets into planning — when Adam’s shows up
  • Cassie and Jake working together to understand the powers of the medallion, and Jake tackles Cassie to get her to move, and Adam walks in to find them on the floor together
  • They go to Lucy to find out more about the medallion; that it needs to be unlocked and could be used for good — to protect the circle
  • Delissa – love it, new ship and super duo of Diana and Melissa but then never take things seriously when ‘devil’s spirit’ is involved
  • Ethan getting all emotional during Adam’s birthday toast, which gets an awkward silence until Diana gives her toast — really giving an insight to their friendship and relationship
  • Cassie and Adam’s interaction at the birthday party (but really could do without the jealousy), and giving her back the medallion
  • Lucy stabbing Dawn after being invited into Dawn’s house – didn’t see that coming
  • Cassie remembering how to use the medallion in order to stop it from taking away the Circle’s magic. And using it, along with finding out her father really is still alive
  • Charles using the crystal on Dawn to bring her back to life
  • All the cookies falling out of the cupboard and putting a smile on Adam’s face
  • Lucy getting her throat cut by one of the witch hunters for her ‘failure’


  • Adam being upset about Cassie and Jake going to dig up her father’s grave to see if he’s really dead – can’t play the protective boyfriend when you aren’t
  • Faye and her new found ‘devil’s spirit’ to liven up the party – really? Drugs? Next you’ll be saying that they are herbal and medicinal
  • Dawn showing up to Lucy’s hotel room after Jake and Cassie, to confront the past again a bit and about the crystals
  • The medallion goes missing from the hiding stop in the fireplace mantel
  • Melissa all out of it and Faye well just being Faye at the party – remember kids drugs are bad
  • Charles talking to Ethan and slipping something into his drink – for a bartender he doesn’t remember rule one: never leave your drink unattended even for a moment
  • Callum showing up to the party with more ‘supplies’ and stirring the pot a little with Jake
  • The silence from Jake when Cassie asked if he’s ever murdered a witch
  • Cassie admitting that Adam was right about Jake
  • Charles stealing the crystal from Ethan
  • Lucy working with the witch hunters in order to take the magic from the circle
  • Melissa meeting up with Callum for more ‘devil’s spirit’ while Jake and Faye rekindle and old flame


  • A woman who was the girl telling Cassie to get out of the boat house in Jake’s memory is now remembering her and came to find her – that’s something new

Next Episode:  February 9th –2012 (Valentine)


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