Supernatural Recap: “I have been eating at the buffet of strange all afternoon.”

February 4, 2012

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by Kimmie:

Original Air Date: Friday February 3, 2012
Season 7, Episode 13

After an excruciatingly long 2 weeks without any new episodes of Supernatural, we are gifted a “monster-of-the-week” storyline, with sprinkles of the emotional trauma the boys feel over the loss of Bobby.

If You Wannabe My Lover

As Sam tries to overlook Dean’s excessive drinking, he has them on the trail of a peculiar new case. Four men in one area have been brutally hacked to death during the last two weeks. In all cases the attractive men in their 30’s have had their hands and feet chopped off while still alive, and the marking of an ancient symbol carved into their chest with a knife. All men have been thrown through walls. Sam and Dean pose as F.B.I. detectives and begin to investigate.

The boys head to the morgue where one of the victims is being examined and they question the coroner. He tells them that the perpetrator’s DNA is of unknown origin. The coroner then introduces them to the lead detective, Charlene Penn. Sam decides to go to their motel room to see what he can find out on the internet. Dean decides to “meet the locals” and see what he can dig up at a local bar called The Cobalt Room. While at this bar, Dean meets an attractive woman named Lydia who believes Dean’s cover that he is an investment banker. They quickly wind up at her house and engage in a lust-fueled frenzy of wild sex. Simultaneously, while Dean is chomping at his sexual bits, another victim named Jerry gets chopped to bits, and Sam and Dean proceed to investigate the next morning. On the scene of the latest crime, Jerry’s neighbor informs Sam that a few days prior to the murder Jerry had a one-night fling and his wife left him.

Girl Power

Dean constantly takes a few swigs from Bobby’s old flask that he holds onto, but he realizes that he left it at Lydia’s house. Dean calls Lydia to see if she has the flask, but says she hasn’t seen it and seems completely disinterested in talking to Dean at all. We then see that she looks to be 9 months pregnant. A far cry from the non-pregnant body she had only hours ago. Without the knowledge that Bobby used to possess, the boys swing by a local college’s anthropology department. They meet Professor Morrison and convince him with bribes to look into what the symbol carved into the victims’ chests mean.

Being completely ignored by a woman is a first for Dean, so he shows up the next day at Lydia’s house looking for Bobby’s flask. Little did Dean know that only hours prior to his arrival, she gave birth to a baby girl named Emma. The midwives and witnesses that were present during the birth appear to be an all-female tribe that have complete control and authority over all of the women in the tribe. Lydia tells Dean that she found his flask and invites him in while she retrieves it. Dean sees that there is about a 6 month old baby in the room that wasn’t there just a few days ago. When Lydia comes back with the flask, he overhears the baby having a fully intelligent conversation with Lydia. Dean tells Lydia goodbye, but then stakes her out in his car. A short time later, one of the tribal leaders arrives and waits for Emma to get her suitcase and leave her mom. This time “baby” Emma looks to be about 5 years old. Dean then takes off completely perplexed.

Dean meets Sam at the local college to hear Professor Morrison’s findings. He reveals that it is associated with the Greek Pantheon and the goddess Harmonia. The ancient myth has to do with the Amazon women that have their own tribe and only need men to mate every two years. Dean about craps his pants when he realizes that he may have fathered a child. The guys head to Bobby’s old place to search for something that will illuminate how to kill an Amazon. While they are there, Dean is stunned that a paper had just moved. He picks up the paper and gives it to Sam  to take to Professor Morrison for analysis since it is in ancient Greek language. Dean is ordered to stay safe in the motel since they are now putting together that he may be the next victim.

Morrison describes that the Amazon women have a rite of passage into the tribe and that is for the daughter to kill her own father. Sam is alarmed and rushes out to tell Dean. He is stopped by Det. Charlene Penn. She attacks Sam and reveals that she is an Amazon woman. Sam ends up shooting her enough for him to escape unharmed.

Back at the motel, Dean hears a knock at his door, expecting it to be Lydia. He cautiously opens the door and sees a 16 year old girl that introduces herself as Emma. She announces that he is her dad. He lets her come in, and just as soon as he turns his back on her, she tries to pull a knife on him. Luckily Sam arrives just in time to shoot Emma dead. Dean is visibly upset due to the guilt that Emma was his child.

Quotable Quotes:

Dean to Sam: “I have been eating at the buffet of strange all afternoon.”

Dean to Sam: “This morning Emma was a baby. By sunset she’s Hannah Montana….early years.”

Dean to Sam: “Yeah- news flash, pal…you’re just as screwed up as I am. Just…bigger.”
Sam to Dean: “What?”
Dean to Sam: “I don’t know.”


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